Why Be a “Socially Aware” Christian?

With all of the nonsense going on in our political landscape today, it is quite easy to become disenfranchised by politics. There is so much backlash and ugliness from both parties, and it seems that by staying out of that drama, our third party candidates continue to lag behind and become less relevant. It seems either way you look at it, we lose. But here’s the interesting thing: isn’t that how many people feel about religion, too? There’s just so much ugliness in the world coming from the louder groups of people that should keep their mouths shut, and those who are trying to stay out of that type of drama are only silenced out more and become less relevant to the societies in which they live. With that being said, let’s look at some interesting and quirky facts about who will most likely vote for each candidate.

[All statistical information provided by barna.com and Wikipedia]

If you’re conservative or evangelical, you’ll most likely be voting for Trump. Mostly Protestants who hold a “biblical worldview” who love guns, NASCAR, and believe that there is an absolute truth will be casting their vote to the one-and-only Donald Trump. Many veterans or active military members tend to be Trump supporters, too. If you’re angry about the state of America and believe that it’s going to “hell in a handbasket”, Trump is your man. Now if you’re an optimist, you’ll most likely be voting for Clinton! Those who claim to be Christian who aren’t amongst the group of evangelicals (including Catholics and Orthodox denominations) will also be likely to vote for her. If you care about the environment, shop at Wal-Mart, or are a member of the LGBTQ community, Clinton is your candidate!

Were you aware that the religiously unaffiliated is the second highest demographic in America other than Protestantism? Did you know that, “Protest” is in the name of Protestant? Can you answer me why we are so against protests in America when we were birthed from protests? How are we responding to the religiously unaffiliated? Or to the Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, or Shinto communities? Do we love our LGBTQ neighbors? Do we even know what they stand for? Did you know that there is a large Buddhist population in California and they have been there since the 1970’s? Are we aware of rape culture and how it has infected the political realm today? How about our religious landscapes? Why do we hide the fact that pastors and priests molest children? Of course not every pastor or priest, but by sweeping it under the rug we are actively condoning the actions of the oppressor? Is it apparent that there are other beliefs than ours that need to be studied, or that there are other issues at play other than the problem of abortion, the lack of the pledge of allegiance in schools, or gun control? Are these issues unimportant? Of course not. But we need to also look to our neighbor and recognize their pain and dissatisfaction with the world could surpass ours, and that we should love them. How are we reaching the communities that surround us? Are we sharing the Gospel with the Clinton supporter? Are we reminding the Trump supporter of the Gospel? Are we praying and caring for the child that was molested? Here’s the tough one: Are we praying for the pastor that was the molester?

How can we love what we do not understand? Why is it so much easier to fear? Do we wish to keep it? Is it easier to fear than to love? Is it more natural to be afraid and ignorant than to sacrifice? I don’t know. But I will pose these questions to you in hopes that you can answer them, dear reader. I pray day and night that we can do away with the apathy that plagues our Bible-belt. I can’t do this by myself. But we can get through this if we all would just ask a few more questions and listened as our neighbor answers without being too preoccupied thinking of a witty reply. It truly pays to be a socially-aware Christian.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” – 1 John 4:18


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