The Untimely Union of the Moon and Elections

The sun sets, dusk wanes, and the cool air of night envelopes us. Tonight (well, the night that this blog will be posted), September 16, 2016, a penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible over the mountainous landscape of Pakistan. How the moon is made visible from earth is really quite interesting. The sun’s light is reflected off of the surface of the moon, therefore illuminating it from the sky. This is also why the moon appears to be two-dimensional: because we are only seeing the surface that is facing us. A lunar eclipse, however occurs when the sun’s shadow is cast over the moon, therefore blocking the moon’s reflection of sun rays. A “penumbra” is the effect that appears on the moon when its surface is covered by the sun’s outer shadow. The event will last about four hours according to NASA, so be sure to check out photos of the event on NASA’s website after it occurs!

With all of this unusually apocalyptic lunar phenomena happening this year, it makes sense to segway into the craziness of this year’s election cycle. Violence erupted at a recent Trump rally leading to charges pressed and a warrant for arrest issued. The event occurred in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday, September 12 after a protester began shouting as Mr. Trump spoke. Cameras followed the protester and it came to show that an individual beside the protester grabbed him violently and began shaking him. Once security entered the scene, the Trump supporter attempted to punch the protester in the face, but whether or not impact occurred is yet to be seen. Asheville police are currently looking for the man, but as of this date, he has not been found.

The previous Friday, September 9, Hillary Clinton called half of the people supporting Trump a, “basket of deplorables”. Since this statement, Clinton has apologized, but there is little doubt that this statement did not rile up angry Trump supporters at the rally in Asheville the following Monday.

With crazy lunar eclipses, violent outbreaks, and downright insults, this election year is starting to look quite apocalyptic. Jesus told us that we would know that His return would parallel natural events, like blood moons and eclipses. But with the recent state of the nation as it is, it would be extremely convenient for us to look at the sky and assume that Christ’s return is immanent. This is not the way we as believers should live. Yes, we should remain vigilant, but by no means should we walk paranoid and paralyzed by fear of the end. It’s almost like we wish to distract ourselves from the troubles of the world that Christ calls us to settle. While we keep star gazing, we forget that the world is calling us bigots, imbeciles, and deplorable. The Trump rally and Clinton’s statement should hit a soft spot for us Christians. What we can learn from the rally is that who the world sees are the loudest people. Usually, the loudest are the most hateful and least reputable people. This can be said for Trump or Hillary supporters, and unfortunately for Christ followers as well. Maybe if we loved a little more, took offense a little less, and became proper spokespersons for Christ’s campaign, we could all enjoy creation for what it is, a declaration of God’s handiwork and proclamation of His love for us. But instead, we are trembling at its appearance, begging for the end of the world.


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