The “S” Word

Sex is everywhere in our world today.  From tv to radio, magazines to novels.  We are constantly bombarded with images, videos, and sounds of sex throughout our day.  In a Christian’s life there are very few places that sex is not a topic close at hand and unfortunately, those are the exact places we need to be getting our advice and thoughts on this topic.  

Think back this past week.  Chances are you had some sort of sexual image blasted into your eyes and therefore into your thought process at work, at the grocery store, in a song, and on tv.  But in church and our Christian circles, it is almost a taboo subject.

Sex was created by God.  It is a beautiful display of a man and woman uniting to become one before God, and yet even as I write this, a married Christian man, it still feels wrong to be typing these three little letters S.E.X.  But as we discovered on Sunday (if you missed service please download the free podcast) with sex comes power.  It was created by the creator to create.  You and I have the power to create many things with this action.  You have the power to create good and bad with sex.  You can create a strong marriage and great relationship with your spouse as well as God.  You can create a new human who you can teach to love God and the things of God.  However, you can destroy just as easily as you can create.  Sex done outside of the will of God can destroy marriages, dreams and most importantly your relationship with the creator himself.

If an action has this much power why are we only letting our information come from sources other than the church?  If it is perceived as a sin to talk about the subject in church or around your friends of godly influence then your information will be warped and twisted by the thoughts and practices of this world.  This week our blogs will be centered around the thought of sex.  We will cover topics of talking to your children about the birds and the bees and the effects that porn has on not only the viewer but also the actors.  Sex can be and is a great thing, but be careful which source you use.  I urge you to find a group of Christian friends, preferably of the same gender and discuss topics that have been taboo for too long.

The world is more than happy to let you in on their jokes and thoughts on sex, but it seems like we as Christians avoid the subject like the plague.  The truth is that sex is something we all (once we are married of course) do, and something we all have questions about.  But instead of Googling something or sitting down with 50 shades of grey open up the Bible to a little book of Song of Solomon which is guaranteed to spice up anyone’s love life.  Sex was created by God for his glory.  We can either study and discuss His plan for this powerful action to create, or we can be influenced by the tv, radio, and the internet and end up letting the powers of this action destroy.

In the words of the Salt-N-Pepa…

Let’s Talk about Sex.


Jacob, his wife Magaly and his son William attend and serve as a part of Ichurch. Jacob obtained an associates degree in fire protection technology from CVCC and currently works as a firefighter in the town of Hudson. From writing for our blog team, to leading the camera team for our Young United campus, Jacob has a desire to inspire people not only in Hickory area but also in every corner of the earth. Favorite quotes include: "Inspiration is all around us, we just need to open our eyes and take it in" and "Some words are best spoken to the eyes." Favorite authors include: Steven Furtick, Levi Lusko, Judah Smith, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and Jefferson Bethke

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