With every second that goes by, two things are happening: 1) The upcoming generation transitions into control of this society. 2) The devil does everything in his power to mess up our society and push it far from God. What can we do about it? Believe on the one to fight the other. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross, we can choose to switch and not live in the world but live for HIM. We can now choose to switch and be washed by His blood and be marked as His. The upcoming generation is the world’s hope, opportunity and responsibility. We are a generation marked by Jesus. We are a generation that will live for Christ. We are a generation that will fight for change.


Switch is ichurch’s youth group. The main focus is to be a part of the development of this upcoming generation by not only teaching about Jesus but portraying him through an active awesome church full of real people that love God.


By hosting a Switch night the first 3 Friday’s of every month. Sports, food, video game, live music, the word, hangout and just a super legit time are some of the things you can expect from SWITCH NIGHTS.


Because the next generation is the church of tomorrow and the future of iCHURCH.