Redoing Redemption

We can destroy the bounties God has given us within our lives. This is something I have done countless times, and I am betting many of you out there have too. We stray from the path of righteousness. We can often forsake what is promised for a short-term gain. However, we can always be redeemed. Today, I am going to be teaching from my own story and recent redemption to hopefully help those who have also found themselves in the gutter.

I struggle with many things. I inherited an addictive brain. I have struggled with alcohol and pornography for a couple years now. These are sins in which I am no longer a slave to, but ones that still tempt me and try to draw me back. In addition to these two vices, I am also depressive. Even at the best of times I am more or less in a state of numbness and at the worst of times I am in the pits of despair. These factors have led me to have difficulty staying happy or having the desire to even leave the house to hang with friends or go to church.

A particularly gnarly spell of depression has waylaid me for the past couple of weeks. It was while I was in that valley that I was able to see that I had strayed from the path of righteousness. I was not practicing right thought and action. I was not spending almost any time in God’s word or praying to Him. I barely was able to convince myself to go to church on Sundays. In this pit, I knew I needed another redemption.

Recognizing I had problems but not being able to pinpoint them to the specificity with which I could do something about them, I had a counselling meeting with my friend David. He helped to figure out that I had not really ever developed a sense of worth for God. We talked about the difference between worship and praise. Praise is the elevation of something or someone for something they have done. Worship is the lowering of one’s self to display the worth of the object of worship. David has a way of lighting a fire under my butt, so I came up with a plan to tackle what we called “worthship.”

I have embarked on a regimen of prayer, scripture, and fasting more than I ever have to try to develop a worth for the Lord. So, perhaps if you are like me and are just stuck in a place of apathy and wrong thought and action, maybe what you need is to develop a sense of worth for God. Sit down and think about God. Is Christianity something that you really want to be a part of? Do you truly believe in God? If you do, you need to find that worth. If God is worth nothing to you, how much weight does your belief hold? It is when we find that worth and begin again upon the path of righteousness that we can truly say we have been redeemed.



Photo by Karsten Würth (@inf1783) on Unsplash


I was born in Hickory, NC and I have been on a quest to share the glory of God. I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Appalachian State University in 2017. I hope to use my ability to write to spread the message of God throughout this world and try my best to embody the virtues befitting the kingdom of God.

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