I Listen to Punk Rock with Jesus

I listen to punk rock with Jesus. Typically how it starts is I’m in my car a couple minutes before work and decide to play some music from my phone to pass the time.

 Jesus crawls from the backseat after He hears the first few strums of the guitar string. The loud, distortion-saturated intro gives way to the driving beat of the bass drum and several strikes of the cymbals. Instead of telling me to turn it down after I woke Him up – see, Jesus loves naps – He tells me to crank it up. He tells me that He gets tired of hearing the same “praise” music every Sunday and wishes that the church would change it up a bit more. He complains, “I know you love Me, but what are you doing to change the world?” He’s often curious why we don’t participate in the revolution He started. “If you love Me, then keep My commandments,” Jesus says in His snarky tone. As the music continues to play, switching from one song to the next every minute or so, Jesus compares the shortness of these songs with His short sermons. Every time a preacher goes for weeks discussing the beatitudes, Jesus tells me that he often falls asleep during the sermons. “That sermon took 15 minutes on that hilltop!” Jesus groans. The next song plays. He brings to my attention that He broke the rules – plucking grain on the Sabbath, dealing with dead bodies and then eating, not washing His hands before He ate (pretty crust punk, if you ask me), destroying, mocking, and even condemning the religious establishment – and then He commanded His disciples to do the same. Jesus is really curious why we are so obsessed with keeping rules and regulations today. He even told a few people that they had to hate their families and even their own lives in order to follow Him! “But everyone today is so concerned with conserving ‘family values’ today.” Jesus mumbles, unimpressed by our own standards of doing things.

Jesus also listens to metal with me. Sometimes He asks me to play The Satanist by Dimmu Borgir just to hear what the haters are saying nowadays. I sometimes get annoyed by how hard He headbangs to Slipknot – even when people are around! It’s like He doesn’t care what people think! He listens to emo, too. He sees His children cry to sad songs and He grieves with them. He weeps right beside them. “I know” Jesus whispers in His tear-strained voice, “I know”. Jesus loves ska just because brass instruments are cool. He also asks me why bands such as For Today, Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy, and MXPX don’t get nearly as much airtime as Hillsong. Jesus is pretty punk rock, and He listens to it with me all the time. Not just the music, but also the people. He listens to punks, emos, goths, metalheads, preps, nerds, jocks, nobodies, pastors, priests, haters, appreciators, prostitutes, rape victims, multibillionaires, et all. Don’t think that He won’t listen to punk rock with you too. Jesus is actually a pretty good listener.


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