Let’s Worship 4: Sleep-Prayer

In my never-ceasing quest to find new ways to pray, I have come across a peculiar way to worship that I think is really beautiful. I think we’ve all had a time in our lives where we fell asleep during a prayer. This unexpected nodding off can occur for a variety of reasons (more often than we’d like to admit, a lack of sleep due to our proclivity for television, books, video games, etc.). One thing I’ve found is that the Holy Spirit tends to calm me. I can’t be frantic when in the presence of the Holy Spirit. I feel at one.


Today’s worshipful activity should take place at bedtime or whenever one wants to take a nap as it requires sleep. The goal of this form of worship is to fall asleep while in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Not only has this activity led to some interesting worship sessions in which my brain spews out stuff I never would have thought of to praise God for and thank Him, but it also leads to some of the most relaxing sleep I have ever had.


Think of this activity to be similar to how we’re told to count sheep to help us go to sleep. The goal is to occupy the space in the brain that likes to wander and wonder, thinking of every single thing wrong in our lives by replacing it with a task that requires little thought. It’s pretty easy to be thankful and praising of God when he has so many aspects to explore. Just start rattling them off and dream into blissful reveries.


The Twilight Hours

I drift,

sailing at sea on distant currents,

listening to the shifting waves beneath,

their lapping and plopping.

The pitch bruises of the night


replaced by the crimson cheeks of dawn,

slowly pushing the moon under the water,

back into its kingdom of black.

Pelagic tar becomes living water,

stirring life, propelling it to glorification.

With the dawn I know the tides.

I know from whence I came

and to what port I travel.

My eyes burn with tiredness,

amplified by the mirror ocean.

I think I might like to sleep a while,

rocked gently, back and forth,

like a mother rocking her baby—

like God protecting Noah.

I will wake up at my home,

free of worry,

ready to continue my work.

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I was born in Hickory, NC and I have been on a quest to share the glory of God. I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Appalachian State University in 2017. I hope to use my ability to write to spread the message of God throughout this world and try my best to embody the virtues befitting the kingdom of God.

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