How serving in church impacts the youth

Generation Z is the new generation that ranges from 1995-2015. Most of the youth from this age range are out partying, going to clubs, starting that college life, some are engage,  others married and some even have kids. But that’s what the generation Z is , right? 

Well not exactly, some youth don’t spend their Friday nights cruising around late at night, some youth don’t go partying every weekend, and you can name it all… Some youth like the youth of Switch spend their Fridays nights worshipping God, hearing his word. Some of them spend most of our time during the week planning for that Friday or what’s the next big event.

Some youth have discovered their calling.. How does church impacts the youth ? Where this question is mostly questioned by youth who are not fully into church.. Or even some parents that believe there isn’t a good church out there.. Well I have your answer, church can impact the youth in many different ways. First they will meet people who will guide them to the right path. Second they will find a second home, a home they will never feel left out or unwanted. Thirdly and the most important one, they will see and encounter God, and they will feel the Holy Spirit. When they have that encounter with God, they will feel alive.. They won’t feel empty anymore.. Because God gives a unconditional love that nothing or no one in the world can fill up. Would you rather have your child be out late at night with bad influences or them staying out late worshipping God and encountering him?


~Laura Mendoza~

Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash


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