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Studying, praying, seeking God’s will for the service.  Day in and day out figuring out what the original Hebrew and Greek origins of the key words in each and every verse that he will preach on Sunday.  Praying over each seat as they walk past the sanctuary on the way to their office, anticipating what God will do in the lives of the congregation this coming Sunday.  This is only a few things that your pastor does in preparation for Sunday.  But what are you doing to prepare for the church service?  


Chances are if you are reading this post you attend a church with a man of God that gives you his whole heart every single service, but that isn’t enough.  It is impossible for even the greatest worship experience with the spirit so strong that you can even feel it as you step into the parking lot to carry you through the week to come.


You have to study, pray and praise your saviour every single day.   Think back to the last time you ate too much.  I am talking about the time that you knew that if you took one more bit it wouldn’t stay down.  As full as you were chances are the very next day you had to eat again.  The very same thing happens to you when you get filled spiritually on Sunday.  If that is the last you consume anything spiritually you will starve.


Throughout the week you have to prepare and get ready for what is coming.  Now, with the creative minds of modern pastors it may be hard to anticipate the verses that a pastor may pick even when you know the topic.


So, what can we do?  Constantly consume.  Read and reread the verses that the preacher spoke on the week prior.  If your church is on the techy side relisten to the sermon online or through your podcast.  You may have missed something, or you may hear the same point that speaks to a different part of your life.  Study the notes that you took on Sunday (and if you don’t take note START TAKING NOTES!).  Once you have squeezed all that you can out of those verses start reading, such as the awesome blog you are reading now, listening to different podcasts and music that uplifts the name of our creator and watching online sermons of the amazing communicators God has placed on this earth.


Sunday preparation:  begin at least an hour prior to the start of service, putting nothing in your ears but praise to God.  Get your heart ready to receive what God has for you that day.  Your mindset going into church is directly connected to how fast you can enter into a state of worship and submission to God’s word.


Col. 4:2

2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful


And of course in the words of Pastor Carlos Rodriguez…

Get Ready, Get Ready, GET READY

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Jacob, his wife Magaly and his son William attend and serve as a part of Ichurch. Jacob obtained an associates degree in fire protection technology from CVCC and currently works as a firefighter in the town of Hudson. From writing for our blog team, to leading the camera team for our Young United campus, Jacob has a desire to inspire people not only in Hickory area but also in every corner of the earth. Favorite quotes include: "Inspiration is all around us, we just need to open our eyes and take it in" and "Some words are best spoken to the eyes." Favorite authors include: Steven Furtick, Levi Lusko, Judah Smith, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and Jefferson Bethke


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